Indian American comedian being harassed, files lawsuit

Sandip Buch (Courtesy: Facebook)

Sandip Buch, an Indian American psychiatrist who is also a stand-up comedian under the name Sandip Sen, has told the New York Post that Ari Teman, a fellow comedian, has been harassing him for months.

According to the New York Post, Buch said that Teman has been stalking his shows, threatening comedy club owners to get rid of him and has sent his Facebook friends defamatory messages.

Now it has gotten worse with Teman tiking it too far with the website, and Buch has filed a lawsuit against him.

The site calls Buch a “quack doctor” and a “predator” who was sued by the state Attorney General’s office for his “key” role at Path Medical Group in Manhattan, a fraud run by a Dr. Eric Braverman, and Teman sued Braverman, Buch and other doctors at Path Medical in 2014, claiming his sleep apnea was misdiagnosed as a psychiatric problem and that he was bilked for $30,000 in bogus tests, according to the New York Post.

Buch was just a part time employee at Path back then.

Teman has also been accused of demanding a commission on a real estate deal as well as having an orgy in his Seventh Avenue condo.

Teman has recounted his complaints against Buch and denied the allegations in the lawsuit.